ProductCertification StandardsCertification NumberIssuance DateExpiry DateDownload
Design and Manufacture of Single Units of Super Capacitors and Super Capacitor ModulesISO 14001560132-2022-AE-RGC-RvA2022-09-082025-09-07
GB/T 19001/ISO 9001481728-2021-AQ-RGC-RvA2022-09-082024-09-18
Design and Manufacture OF of Inductors; Manufacture of Lead Capacitor.IATF 1694904306122021-10-202024-10-19
Design and Manufacture of Chip Inductors and Sensitive ComponentsISO 140012434-2005-AE-RGC-RvA2023-11-302026-11-29
Design and Manufacture of Inductor, Manufacture of Sensitive Component,Transformer and Lead CapacitorGB/T 19001/ISO 90018015-2003-AQ-RGC-RvA2021-09-052024-09-05
Design and Manufacture of Electronic Ceramic Powder and Electronic PasteIATF 1694904490722022-04-282025-04-27
Design and Manufacture of Electronic Ceramic Powder, Electronic Paste and Metal Powder for Electronic PasteISO 14001124500-2012-AE-RGC-RvA2024-01-052027-01-04
Design and Manufacture of Chip Resistor and Fuel Level Sensor HlC (Hybrid Integrated Circuit)IATF 1694904306152021-11-202024-11-19
Design and Manufacture of Chip Resistor, HIC (Hybrid Integrated Circuit)Thick Film Network Resistor, Chip FuseISO 140010065-2002-AE-RGC-RvA2023-01-202026-01-11
Design and manufacture of chip resistor, thick film network resistor, HlC (Hybrid Integrated Circuit) and Chip FuseIECQ QC 080000IECQ-H SGSCN 23.00562023-09-202026-09-19
Design and Manufacture of Chip Resistor, HlC (Hybrid Integrated Circuit), Thick Film Network Resistor, Chip FuseIS0 45001573094-2023-ASA-RGC-RvA2023-01-202026-01-29
Design and Manufacture of Chip Resistor, Thick Film Network Resistor, HIC(Hybrid Integrated Circuit)and chip FuseGB/T 19001/IS0 90018166-2003-AQ-RGC-RvA2021-08-042024-08-04
Designed and Manufacture of Multilayer Ceramic Chip CapacitorIATF 1694904872882023-11-032026-11-02
ISO 140010064-2002-AE-RGC-RvA2023-01-192026-01-05
GB/T 19001/ISO 90018029-2003-AQ-RGC-RvA2023-10-202026-10-19
Design and Manufacture of Aluminium Electrolytic CapacitorsIATF 1694904384772021-11-302024-11-29
ISO 140012152-2005-AE-RGC-RVA2023-02-082026-02-07
GB/T 19001/IS0 90019044-2004-A0-RGC-RvA2021-11-302024-11-30
Thermistors Metal Zinc Oxide VaristorsIATF 1694904284962021-10-072024-10-02
Design and Manufacture of Varistor and ThermistorGB/T 24001/SO 1400101223E20382R1M2023-06-092026-06-08
Design and Manufacture of Metal Zinc Oxide Varistors, Thermistors and MetalZinc Oxide Surge ArrestersGB/T 19001/ISO 90010298-2000-AQ-RGC-RvA2021-08-162024-08-16
Design and Production of Ceramic Disc CapacitorIATF 1694904803422023-08-072026-08-06
Design and Production of Disc Ceramic CapacitorGB/T 24001/ISO 1400101223E20587R0M2023-08-092026-08-08
Design and production of Disc Ceramic Capacitor Chip: Design and production of Disc Ceramic CapacitorGB/T 9001/ISO 900101223030518R9M2023-07-142026-07-13