CC81 - class i ceramic capacitor is a kind of capacitor used in the resonant circuit with low loss, high capacitance stability or specific temperature coefficient requirements: temperature compensation, resonant circuit, time constant element of control circuit, coupling element with high stability requirements, etc.

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CC81 high voltage temperature compensation capacitor Product List
Part NumberCap.ToleranceSize CodeTCCRated VdcOperate
CC81N8S2L0D221KSE 220pF ±10% 7.5~8.4mm S2L 1000V
CC81Q9S2L0D151KSE 150pF ±10% 8.5~10.4mm S2L 4000V
CC81P7S2L0D151KSE 150pF ±10% 6.5~7.4mm S2L 3000V
CC81M7S2L0B151JTE 150pF ±5% 6.5~7.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81N6S2L6B121KTE 120pF ±10% 5.5~6.4mm S2L 1000V
CC81Q7S2L0D101KSE 100pF ±10% 6.5~7.4mm S2L 4000V
CC81P6S2L0D101KSE 100pF ±10% 5.5~6.4mm S2L 3000V
CC81M5S2L6B101KTE 100pF ±10% 4.5~5.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M5S2L4B101KTE 100pF ±10% 4.5~5.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M6S2L1B101KSE 100pF ±10% 5.5~6.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M5S2L1D101KSE 100pF ±10% 4.5~5.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M5S2L6D101KSEAB5 100pF ±10% 4.5~5.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M6S2L9B101KSE 100pF ±10% 5.5~6.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M6S2L0B101KTEA01 100pF ±10% 5.5~6.4mm S2L 2000V
CC81M6S2L0D101KSE 100pF ±10% 5.5~6.4mm S2L 2000V
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