As the main supplier of capacitors, Fenghua continues to allocate R & D 

resources in product development, excellent manufacturing and quality 

assurance, and is committed to providing complete capacitor products for 

various applications,including multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, three-terminal EMI capacitors, lead ceramic capacitor

wafer ceramic capacitor  aluminum electrolytic capacitor and other products.

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Capacitors Product List
Part NumberCap.T.C.R(ppm/°C)Rated VdcToleranceSize Code(mm)Operate
0603HQ271G500NT 270pF C0G 50V ±2% 0603
0603HQ271G500NB 270pF C0G 50V ±2% 0603
0603HQ151F500NT 150pF C0G 50V ±1% 0603
0603HQ151F500NB 150pF C0G 50V ±1% 0603
0402HQ101K500NT 100pF C0G 50V ±10% 0402
1111HQ101J501NT 100pF C0G 500V ±5% 1111
0603HQ101J251NT 100pF C0G 250V ±5% 0603
0402HQ101J500NT 100pF C0G 50V ±5% 0402
0603HQ101J250NT 100pF C0G 25V ±5% 0603
0402HQ101J250NT 100pF C0G 25V ±5% 0402
0402HQ101K500NB 100pF C0G 50V ±10% 0402
0603HQ101J251NB 100pF C0G 250V ±5% 0603
0603HQ101J250NB 100pF C0G 25V ±5% 0603
0402HQ101J250NB 100pF C0G 25V ±5% 0402
0402HQ820K500NT 82pF C0G 50V ±10% 0402
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