K series Varestor


Widely voltage rang;

Fast response speed;

Long lift;

Applicable to household appliances, industrial control, power supply, Electric meter,communication equipment and other electronic products.

K series Varestor Application
K series Varestor Product Service


Component Library

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K series Varestor Product List
Part NumberDiameterSeriesVaristor Voltage ToleranceVaristorVoltageOperate
FNR-10K361T 10mm K Series 0 360V
FNR-14K820T 14mm K Series 0 82V
FNR-14K101T 14mm K Series 0 100V
FNR-20K820T 20mm K Series 0 82V
FNR3225K201 3225mm K Series 0 200V
FNR-10K820 10mm K Series 82V
FNR-10K781 10mm K Series 780V
FNR-10K751 10mm K Series 750V
FNR-10K681 10mm K Series 680V
FNR-10K680 10mm K Series 68V
FNR-10K561 10mm K Series 560V
FNR-10K560 10mm K Series 56V
FNR-10K471 10mm K Series 470V
FNR-10K470 10mm K Series 47V
FNR-10K431 10mm K Series 430V
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