Voltage Protection

As a major supplier of protective components, Fenghua continues to allocate R&D resources to product development, manufacturing excellence and quality assurance, and is committed to providing complete protective component products for a variety of applications.

The types of protection components include: voltage protection, current protection, overheating protection and other products.

Voltage Protection Product Classification
Voltage Protection Product Service


Component Library

Product Certificate

Voltage Protection Product List
Part NumberDiameterSeriesVaristor Voltage ToleranceVaristorVoltageOperate
FNR-10K361T 10mm K Series 0 360V
FNR-14K820T 14mm K Series 0 82V
FNR-20K820T 20mm K Series 0 82V
FNR-14K101T 14mm K Series 0 100V
FNR-40K391 40mm K Series 0 390V
FNR-32K911 32mm K Series 0 910V
FNR-40K470 40mm K Series 0 47V
FNR-40K511 40mm K Series 0 510V
FNR-40K911 40mm K Series 0 910V
FNR-10K821 10mm K Series 0 820V
FNR-10K911 10mm K Series 0 910V
FNR-12K181 12mm K Series 0 180V
FNR-12K331 12mm K Series 0 330V
FNR-12K431 12mm K Series 0 430V
FNR-12K511 12mm K Series 0 510V
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