T series Varestor


Large pulse current bearing capacity;

Fast response speed;

Extra long temperature impulse tolerance;

High reliability;

Long lift;

Applicable to new energy vehicles, energy storage, charging piles, charging stations and other electric equipment

T series Varestor Application
T series Varestor Product Service


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T series Varestor Product List
Part NumberDiameterSeriesVaristor Voltage ToleranceVaristorVoltageOperate
FNR-07T561K 07mm T Series ±10% 560V
FNR-07T511K 07mm T Series ±10% 510V
FNR-07T471K 07mm T Series ±10% 470V
FNR-07T431K 07mm T Series ±10% 430V
FNR-07T271K 07mm T Series ±10% 270V
FNR-07T241K 07mm T Series ±10% 240V
FNR-07T221K 07mm T Series ±10% 220V
FNR-07T330K 07mm T Series ±10% 33V
FNR-05T431K 05mm T Series ±10% 430V
FNR-05T271K 05mm T Series ±10% 270V
FNR-05T471K 05mm T Series ±10% 470V
FNR-05T241K 05mm T Series ±10% 240V
FNR-14T821K 14mm T Series ±10% 820V
FNR-14T751K 14mm T Series ±10% 750V
FNR-14T621K 14mm T Series ±10% 620V
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