Plug-in NTC



Strong ability to inhibit inrush  surge current;

High in B value and Low residual resistance;

Ideally suited for switching power supplies ,telecommunication and other electronic products;

Plug-in NTC Application
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Plug-in NTC Product List
Part NumberR Value(Ω)TolerancePorcelain tile diameterFoot shapeOperate
NTC47D-15 40MΩ φ15mm
NTC16D-9 1MΩ φ9mm
NTC15D-20 100KΩ 0 φ20mm 0
NTC33D-7 3KΩ φ7mm
NTC401D09MB2E3S000BSN 400Ω ±20% φ9mm 外弯
NTC301D09MF2E3S000BSN 300Ω ±20% φ9mm 内弯
NTC221D09MF2E3S000BSN 220Ω ±20% φ9mm 内弯
NTC201D05ML1E2S000GNN 200Ω ±20% φ5mm Narrow Bend
NTC201D09MF1E2S000BSN 200Ω ±20% φ9mm 内弯
NTC161D15MF2E3S000BNN 160Ω ±20% φ15mm 内弯
NTC121D09MF2E3S000BSN 120Ω ±20% φ9mm 内弯
NTC121D15MF2E3H160BNN 120Ω ±20% φ15mm 内弯
NTC121D13MF2E3S000BNN 120Ω ±20% φ13mm 内弯
NTC121D09MF1E3S000BSN 120Ω ±20% φ9mm 内弯
NTC121D09MA1E3S000BNN 120Ω ±20% φ9mm Straight Leg
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