As a major supplier of protective components, Fenghua continues to allocate R&D resources to product development, manufacturing excellence and quality assurance, and is committed to providing complete protective component products for a variety of applications.

The types of protection components include: voltage protection, current protection, overheating protection and other products.

Current Protection Product Classification
Current Protection Product Service


Component Library

Product Certificate

Current Protection Product List
Part NumberR Value(Ω)ToleranceOperate
MZ3-M202RNE 2KΩ ±30%
MZ3-M202RNEB 2KΩ ±30%
MZ21-P202RYG 2KΩ Other
MZ21-M202RLE 2KΩ ±15%
MZ3-M162RME 1.6KΩ ±20%
MZ3-M102RHE 1KΩ ±25%
MZ3-M102RME 1KΩ ±20%
MZ3-N102RHE 1KΩ ±25%
MZ3-N102RKEB 1KΩ ±10%
MZ3-M801RME 800Ω ±20%
MZ21-M601RME 600Ω ±20%
MZ21-P501RHJ 500Ω ±25%
MZ3-M501RHE 500Ω ±25%
MZ21-R501RNP 500Ω ±30%
MZ21-P501RHL 500Ω ±25%
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